Olivia Harris Record Release

Olivia Harris Record Release - October 27, 2015

Olivia Harris just released her first single "Lonestar Heart". Olivia's first release is a tribute to her adolescence in Texas. The first of 6 songs on her upcoming LP was produced by musical director and multi-keyboardist Nick Milo. I recorded the vocals, Greg Adams horn and Liv Slingerland's impressive guitar parts as well as mixed the 6 tracks here at Post Haste Media. 

Olivia's impressive team of musical collaborators included Nick Milo on Keys, Jack Irons, Eric Valentine and Johnny Salerno on drums, Yogi Lonich and Liv Slingerland on guitars, Holland Grecco on Ukelele, Rodrigo Enrique Bustos on Bass and Greg Adams on Trumpet. Writing by Olivia Harris, Nick Milo and Rocky Maffit

Every other Tuesday starting November 10th, Olivia will release the other 5 songs on the EP, available on her own website and on iTunes. There is some exciting material from a very talented singer / songwriter so be sure to check them out and as always, support the music and artists you love by buying their music!

Stay tuned for more from Olivia, I think you'll be glad you did.