Navigating Rough Seas for Content Creators

Whether you are a copywriter, songwriter, session musician, recording engineer or content producer, times are tough.

Competition is fierce, streaming media and rapidly changing content delivery technology claim "we have no control" over what people put up, so getting paid for the content you create is now considered a quaint relic of the past. They tell us if you want to make money, you have to become a "brand" and that "we won't pay you, but it is great for exposure". Yeah? Tell that to your bill collector.

Sounds horrible right? Maybe...maybe not. Content creators have faced obstacles for many hundreds of years. The great thing about creative people is that we are good at solving problems and we find a way to survive. If we are lucky and work hard enough, we can even thrive. To navigate these rough waters takes some experience, some, trial and error, some fresh ideas or old ideas looked at in a different way and some hard work.

Over the next few months, I want to share some ideas from some very smart people. Some of them sound crazy. Some of them are common sense. All of them take people like us working every day to bring these ideas to life and to spread the word.

Post Haste Media supports creatives of all stripes and we want to help make sure the best of us don't get discouraged and have the opportunities that we have had.

Check back soon and share your ideas with us.